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Association of European National Football Teams of Winzers e.V.

(an association according to German law)

Surname: UENFW - Union of European national football teams of winemakers e.V.

Place of business: Geisenheim University, Geisenheim

Founded: 2018​, Slovenia

President: Robert Lönarz

General Secretaries:Erica Fischbach, Nelson Rodrigues

Tax ID: DE 113821367  
Registration number: VR7216
EU Transparency register: ID 938672534075-19


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> 300 licensed players
in eight countries.

Next European Championship

May 22 - 25, 2024


The purpose of the association is to bring together all of Europe's national winegrowers' football teams and the associated promotion of art, culture and sport, in particular to raise awareness of the cultural assets of wine, football and education.

"We are committed to the fundamental values of the European Community and worldwide friendships about the cultural assets of wine, football and education."

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The truth lies in the wine and on the placeatz!

"Because football is not just kicking around in a club or watching a sports program on Saturday afternoon. Football influences people in their work, in their commitment, in their view of the world. Wine*, music, literature and fine art - there are references everywhere . Football is a gigantic business and football gets social projects rolling. Football is a subject of research, pop culture, a political field, standing room and a regular table.

Football culture is everywhere where football is thought about. (...)

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