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German national football team of winemakers

Friedel Müller


Fenster und Metallbau

Erich Rutemöller


Deutscher Fußballbund

Lothar Böhm

Head coach until 2011

Lothar Böhm was himself a Bundesliga player at SV Werder Bremen and worked for the DFB as a support coach in Biebrich. Under his leadership, WEINELF Germany has developed into a strong team since 2005.


"The WEINELF players, who were once again well trained by coach Lothar Böhm in the 4-4-2 system, had to concede a goal after about 35 minutes to make it 1-0. After a free kick from 20 meters, Jochen Schröter (managing director of the DFB base at Edenkoben) headed it ) heavily pressured by defenders into the bottom right corner of the goal. WEINELF goalkeeper Jürgen Flade had no chance." Source: Pfälzer Ausles

Lothar Böhm is fighting his way back to life after a serious stroke - WEINELF Germany has a lot to thank him for. - we wish him all the best!

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