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German national football team of winemakers

Member of the German Academy for Football Culture


The truth lies in the wine and on the pitch!


We have been supporting the gala awarding of the German Football Culture Prize in Nuremberg since 2009!

WEINELF President Robert Lönarz “ ... it is a special highlight to be able to present our team in this context! – we look forward to exciting collaborations in the coming years!

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by Gerd Kremer, 2006

weinelfGerd Kremer
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WEINELF Germany - top quality in the recording studio too

On May 26, 2008 in Rüdesheim a. R. professionally recorded the new WEINELF song under the musical direction of Gerd Kremer.

Mainz celebrity vineyard

What do Nobel Peace Prize winners have?Lech Walesa, the German Foreign MinisterFrank Walter Steinmeier and the former ZDF directorMarkus Schachter together? In recent years, all of them and many other celebrities have planted a vine on the Mainz celebrity vineyard, at the foot of the citadel. Markus Schachter had together with the then MainzerCardinal Karl Lehmann even had the honor of planting the first two vines on May 28, 2007.

Offshoot of the oldest vine in the world

On May 26, 2016, the celebrity vineyard got a famous addition:  On the occasion of the final of the WINZER-EURO 2016 in the Mewa Arena in Mainz, the Slovenian winemaking team brought with them an offshoot of the oldest vine in the world from the Slovenian city of Maribor. Danilo Steyer, President of the Winegrowers' Team Slovenia and President of the Family Estate Winemakers Slovenia, brought the valuable vine with him and planted it himself. Also Norbert Weber(President of German Viticulture e.V.),Robert Lönarz (President of WEINELF Deutschland e.V. and campus manager of Geisenheim University) andRudolf Knoll (Wine journalist, spokesman for WEINELF Deutschland e.V., member of the Mainz Wine Senate) and the Mayor of MainzMichael Ebling and for that Mainz Wine Senate Werner Hornand other senators were there when the offshoot of the world's oldest noble grape vine found a new home on the celebrity vineyard in Mainz.

Association for the Promotion of Wine Culture e.V.

Association register number 6897, Wiesbaden District Court

Founding: 02/25/2015 
Club headquarters: Geisenheim in the Rheingau
Tax number: 37 250 60853

The board:

Chairman Rudi Knoll
Deputy Chairman Robert Lönarz
Treasurer Johannes Meuer
Secretary Juliane Schäfer

Donation account:

DE17 5109 1500 0010 5205 50

WEINELF donates EUR 10 per member annually!

Purpose of the club:

The purpose of the association is to promote art and culture, in particular to raise awareness of the cultural asset of wine.  

The association wants to raise funds from membership fees, donations, grants and other income that will be used to realize projects worthy of support in line with the association's purpose.  The association has set itself the goal of establishing contact between all institutions active in the wine industry, such as: E.g. wine producers, wine trade, gastronomy, sommeliers, wine technology, wine-growing schools and colleges in the field of art and culture, especially the cultural asset of producing and maintaining wine. In addition, it is also the aim of the association, in connection and cooperation with the wine industry as well as all public facilities and institutions, to generate funds for the implementation of the statutory purposes.

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