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German national football team of winemakers

TheTop German chefs and restaurateursand WEINELF Germany would like to introduce it to the publicperfect enjoyment-oriented interplay of wine and gastronomy convey. 

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April 24, 2006
The Gourmet Alliance is sealed in the Rheingau

WEINELF Germany and the top German chefs and restaurateurs are starting a culinary alliance with football and beyond football.

On April 24th from 5 p.m. the two teams faced each other on the lawn of the Rheingau Stadium in Geisenheim, but at the subsequent celebration the two clubs sealed an enjoyable partnership. 

Wording of the document: 

With their “Enjoyment Alliance”, the top German chefs and restaurateurs and WEINELF Germany want to convey to the public a perfect, enjoyment-oriented interplay between wine and WEINELF Germany gastronomy. This should be experienced bilaterally at future charity football games, but also in smaller individual events outside the football field. 

The football chefs are a team made up of star chefs, hoteliers, restaurant managers and sommeliers from the most well-known houses in top German gastronomy. Playing in the team includes: Personalities like JOhann Lafer (Stromburg),Ralf Zacherl(TV chef),Lothar Eiermann(Forest and Castle Hotel Friedrichsruhe),Martin Öxle(Restaurant Küchenmeisterei),
Roy Kieferle(Wagner-Stüble Restaurant), pTefan Rottner (Romance Hotel Gasthaus Rottner),Franz Feckl(Landhaus Feckl). 

Certificate signed in the historic leather wallpaper room at Vollrads Castle, Rheingau on April 24, 2006

Two success factors determine the cooperation between the two partners:

Excellent products of excellent quality and high professional expertise. The absolute focus on quality forms the basis of the work in the vineyard and in the wine cellar as well as in the kitchen and in the restaurant.


WEINELF Germany - Gourmet Alliance sealed at Vollrads Castle:
The opening game of the Genuss-Allianz took place last year in the Olympic Stadium in Munich, where a great friendly game was played on the “holy turf” four days before FC Bayern Munich's last home game on the occasion of the Munich Wine World 2005. The second leg was agreed for April of this year in Rheingau, which further demonstrated the friendship between both teams.


The presidents of the future partners Martin Öxle, representatives Stefan Rottner (national team of top German chefs and restaurateurs) and Norbert Heine (WEINELF Germany) signed the certificates at a celebration after the game. The celebration took place at Vollrads Castle, one of the oldest wineries in the world.

Many enjoyable friendships have been formed through football since 2005. I am very proud that I was able to help initiate this alliance!

Ronny Mechnich, Football Chefs
Parkhotel Ilshofen

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